Any Service or Artist Contracted by Queen of Hearts Mobile Fun Casino on behalf of the client here-fore is known as the “Supplier” “We” or “Swansea Queen of Hearts”. The person or company to whom Queen of Hearts quotation/contract is addressed to, is known as the client.


1.1 This contract states written confirmation by the client of the agreement made by the client and supplier and will comprise acceptance of our quoted charges and these terms. 1.2 Queen of Hearts requires written confirmation of all bookings by email and shall not secure suppliers or venues on behalf of the client unless such confirmation is received. 1.3 All services offered are subject to availability, 1.4 Queen of Hearts reserves the right to revise its quotation if the format or items booked are varied for any reason.



2.1 Your Fun casino tables will be delivered and assembled prior to the planned event by us. 2.2 Unless the Client makes a special request, set up and break down times are entirely at the discretion of Queen of Hearts and its representatives. That said, 2.3 Queen of Hearts Mobile Fun Casino always aim to arrive approximately one hour prior to the start time. 2.4 It is the responsibility of the Client to inform us in advance of any parking issues or difficulties with regard to accessing the proposed venue. Failure to do so may result in our inability to start at the agreed time for which we will not be liable.



3.1 We reserve the right to end our service, at the discretion of the management, at any time during the casino hire, if it is believed that the customer or any of their guests are acting with disruptive, dangerous or reckless conduct towards our staff or equipment during the Hire period. In such an eventuality, the management reserves the right to withhold payment, either full or part for any time outstanding or not completed. Further, 3.2 we reserve the right to surcharge the customer for any loss or damage to our equipment occurring during the hire of any of our equipment by the customer or his/her guest’s misconduct or negligence. 3.3 We will however strive to resolve any and all disputes reasonably and equitably.



4.1 Upon confirmation a deposit of £50.00 must be paid within 48 hours to secure your booking. 4.2 Your final balance will be due within 21 days of your event date, unless another agreement has been made with Queen of Hearts. 4.3 Queen of Hearts reserve the right to charge interest equivalent to 1% per day above the base rate of Lloyd’s bank on invoice balances Outstanding after 7 days.



5.1 Cancelled with more than 60 days notice will result in a complete refund. 5.2 Cancelled with more than 42 days notice will result in the loss of deposit however 5.3 a cancellation without the courtesy of 42 days notice will result in a charge equal to 75% of the overall booking fee. 5.4 Cancellation without the courtesy of 28 days notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the overall booking fee. 5.5 All cancellations must be advised in writing to Queen of Hearts. The date of receipt of this written notification by Queen of Hearts will determine the cancellation charges applicable. 5.6 Once a booking has been confirmed Queen of Hearts may reserve a supplier’s time and services and they may refuse other bookings. 5.6 Accordingly, charges will be payable for any cancellation of a confirmed booking or pa thereof Non-refunded deposits may be allowed against a future booking at our discretion. 5,7 Queen of Hearts will not be liable for venue cancellation charges or other fees non-related to the contract. 5.8 Any rescheduling is free unless expenses have already incurred and must be covered by client.  21 days notice is required to be able to give time to re-advertise the date. Discretion can be arranged in certain circumstances by proprietor.



6.1 The Client will be liable for any damage or loss suffered to Queen of Hearts during the ‘Hire Period’ of our casino equipment. 6.2 The ‘Hire Period’ is defined as running from the time the casino equipment is assembled to the time the casino equipment is disassembled by Us. 6.3 Any loss or damage to the casino equipment will be the sole liability of the Client, not the venue provider. 6.4 In the event of any guest(s) tampering or damaging the casino equipment the cost of repair or replacement of the casino equipment will fall solely on the Client. 6.5 Occasionally, guests can become difficult or unruly whilst playing the casino tables, particularly when alcohol has been consumed. In such instances, the Client will be responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests without exception. 6.6 In certain circumstances, guests may be refused access to the casino tables where it is considered their participation will have a detrimental effect on the game in progress or other guests’ enjoyment of the casino games. 6.7 We further reserve the right to terminate the casino hire, with immediate effect, if our staff are subjected to unacceptable behaviour, 6.8 verbal or physical abuse by the Client or by any other person attending the casino games. In such circumstances, no refunds will be due to the Client. 6.9 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure there is adequate direct access to enable delivery of our equipment. 6.10 The client must ensure that arrangements have been made to ensure delivery of the equipment at the agreed times stated on the invoice.



7.1 Artists and their services engaged by Queen of Hearts on behalf of and as agents for the client will always use their best endeavours to attend the function. However, should the supplier be prevented from doing so for any reason outside their control. 7.2 Our liability to the client is up to the cost of the value of the booking agreed on the booking confirmation. 7.3 The client is assured that Queen of Hearts always do their best to attend all functions. However, if for any reason we are unable to do so, the client will be offered an alternative date or a full refund of any monies paid, including their deposit. In the unlikely event that we arrive late due to circumstances outside of our control, the client will have the opportunity for the operating time to extended up to the period booked. 7.4 No other damages or loss will be accepted by us to the client or any third party. 7.5 Queen of Hearts reserves the right to cancel this Agreement at any time, with or without notice, in the event that any term, condition or promise in this Agreement has been or is being violated. In such event, there will be no reimbursement or credit towards any fee previously paid or any fee still owing. 7.6 We will at all times endeavour to live up to the very high standards we set ourselves to ensure all clients receive the very best in service from Queen of Hearts. If problems do occur (and they occasionally do) we will do all in our power to rectify and resolve problems to the Clients satisfaction.


  1. CONDUCT 8.1 All staff will conduct themselves politely and professionally when dealing with the Client and his/her guests prior to, during and after the planned event.


  1. AGE RESTRICTIONS 9.1 For legal and insurance purposes, minors under the age of 16 years old must, at all times, be supervised by a responsible adult.


  1. PUBLICITY 10.1 We agree to the taking of Photographs at any Swansea Queen of Hearts event at which we may be present and the use of any photographs in any promotional material for use by Swansea Queen of Hearts only. 10.2 If you do not wish photographs to be taken at your event, please email us 7 days prior to your event date.


11 COLLECTION 11.1 Whenever possible we will dissemble and remove the fun casino at the end of the mutually agreed time period. 11.2 If disassembly of the fun casino is not possible at the end of the mutually agreed time period we will secure the fun casino equipment and return at a later time. This is however subject to the direction and discretion of the venue provider.


12.1 ADDITIONAL TIME 12.1 Additional “Game” time must be arranged and paid in full prior to end of the scheduled event. 12.2 Additional Time can be agreed in 1 hour increments at £25.00 per dealer.