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How It Works


We ensure the tables are set up and looking great before your event starts.

Playing Time

We Provide the fun casino for a 3 hour period on the chosen date. additional playing time can be arranged on the day by agreement.

No Real Money Exchanged

We Hand out fun money to all the guest, which are later changed at the table for chips.

Winners of the Day/Night

We total up any winnings and provide to with a top (no. of your choice) winners.

Our Games and How To Play


For many people the word ‘casino’ conjures up images of spinning roulette wheels and big piles of coloured chips stacked up over the layout Not only is roulette one of the oldest and best known casino games but it is also one of the easiest to play. All you need to know is where to play your bets and remember that everyone is provided with different coloured chips so you wont get confused as to who’s chips are who..


By far the most popular casino games. The aim of the game is to draw cards totalling higher than the dealers cards without exceeding 21.

All picture cards count as 10 and Aces count as 1 or 11 All other cards count for their face value. The highest hand possible is Blackjack, which consists of an Ace with any Ten card or picture.

When would you consider a

We cater for any event, whatever your special occasion is, below are a few examples



Corporates Events

Dinner Dance


Christmas Parties

James Bond Theme Nights

Stag and Hen Parties

Grand openings / Exhibitions

Private parties clubs

Our Exclusive Fun Money

Printed for your event

Personalised Fun Money for your Event

We are able to provide a service which allows us to produce unique fun money which is tailored towards the individuals or party. Regarding your personalized fun money could you please email us a picture and the names of the individual(s) or party name which you would like to be placed on the fun money.

Naturally, all our events are run strictly within the law. Your event will not need any special licence. Registered Trader since 2008

Prices are dependent upon your location (time, distance and cost) and are per night. Please call or email us with your requirements, and we will quote you individually.

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Swansea Queen Of Hearts Fun Casino

Tel: 077656 12345

To confirm bookings, we require a £50 deposit, with the balance to be paid 4 weeks prior to the hire date – please note deposits are non-refundable if the order is cancelled less than 42 days prior to the event. Any extra play time on top of the agreed schedule is charged at £50 per hour per table.